Gallon Jug Estate is nestled deep in the Belizean Mayan Rainforest. Once a hub for mahogany and chicle, the estate has grown to become internationally known for it’s preserved wildlife and ecotourism and has now evolved into the leader of Coffee and exquisite sauces in Belize.

Gallon Jug Coffee Gallon Jug Coffee is Belize’s leading coffee brand. It is grown in the pristine tropical Maya rainforest in Belize’s northwestern region, making it the ideal location for coffee production in the country. The result is luscious 100% Arabica full-bodied coffee beans, naturally grown and hand picked by the local villagers. A combination of Belizean history, culture and pride culminates in every great tasting cup of Gallon Jug Coffee.

Gallon Jug’s other flagship products are our exquisite line of sauces. Belize is known to be a melting pot of cultures; English, Central American and Caribbean all combining to create a unique blend of people. That unique and rich blend is personified in our Gallon Jug Sauces.

All these wonderful and unique sauces are created the wholesome way, in the Gallon Jug Kitchen by the women of the Village as Gallon Jug strives to create opportunity for all Belizeans. Gallon Jug exquisite and uniquely Belizean taste to your every meal. Socially responsible, natural and rich in flavor, one can say that the Gallon Jug Brand is more than a company; it is Belizean culture and life.